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Why should I buy CANTRA car seat covers?

- CANTRA has one of the best selections of Handmade and Universal car seat covers on the internet. We assure you the fit of your Car Seat Covers. Our customer service team is experienced and we offer FAST AND FREE shipping options.

What are handmade car seat covers for cars?

- Handmade car seat covers for cars are a cover made from the best choice of material and pattern, and are professionally designed to fit over the original seat material of the majority of cars, SUVs, except sports cars (as RECARO and similar). This product is compatible with removable headrests only. Please ensure your headrests can be detached before purchasing.

Will CANTRA car seat covers slide on the seat?

- No, the whole concept of the car seat cover is that they should become part of the seat. Specially designed fastenings offer secure fixing on seats.

- As soon as you installed them properly, they will become an integral part of a seat and you will forget about them for more than a year.

When are you going to bill my credit card?

- Your credit card will be billed immediately upon placing your order without any cause for alarm.

Can I return my Handmade car seat covers if they don't fit?

- We assure you the fit and quality of all car seat covers. If there is an error in the workmanship of any car seat cover, it will be corrected or re-made at no charge to you. However, you have 30 days’ full refund.

Can CANTRA car seat covers be washed?

- CANTRA Car Seat Covers can be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle then hung to dry. All hooks should be removed from the car seat covers before they are washed.

Can CANTRA car seat covers be shipped to my city?

- Absolutely, we deliver almost everywhere

Are you assuring me that the car seat covers will suit my car?

- Yes, Of course, they will. The car seat covers are universal and suit easily all types of cars, except sports cars such as RECARO and similar. This product is compatible with removable headrests only. Please ensure your headrests can be detached before purchasing.

How will I install the car seat covers properly?

- That's very simple! You may have a look at the video manual on our website. And also each set contains an installation manual for your convenience.

What color will be able to get?

- It's your choice to choose any suitable one for your cars because we thought it was nicer to offer more options. You can get black, gray, red, and other different available colors.

How difficult will it be to install the car seat covers on the back seat?

- It will only take you some time to install back seat covers. You may view the video manual on our website for easy installation.

Any opportunity for partnership?

- If you have a partnership request, please email our team for more details at Representatives from our team will review your request within the next few days and, if they feel that this would be a good fit, they’ll send you an email to discuss further.

What makes your product so expensive?

- CANTRA production is exclusively handmade, the whole production cycle is guided by one seamstress.

- Moreover, we use only high-quality fabric and accessories with provision for a year guarantee on returns.

What is the Lifespan of car seat covers?

- Car seat covers manufactured by CANTRA have a lifespan of over 5 years under normal conditions of use

What are the Standards of quality and safety?

- CANTRA pays adequate attention to the quality of its products.

All products we distribute are selected from manufacturers adhering to the best and strict quality standards.

How long to get my order?

- Handmade car seat seat covers items take approximately 5 days in production before they are ready for shipping. For the In-stock items they may take 2 days business days to be processed and ready for shipping. You will surely be emailed an estimated shipping date, based on the type of order that you have made. Immediately your order is shipped an email will be sent to you with your tracking number.

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