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Mechanical loads to which the seats are exposed to can promptly disable them, thus a car seat cover is the price of the car owner’s peace of mind and assurance, along with protecting the seats from damage and dirt. If you do not protect the factory upholstery from dust, dirt and moisture that penetrate into the car interior, it will soon become unusable. Soon afterwards you will definitely need covers, only to hide the defects. Therefore, it is better to purchase a seat cover for the car right away, competitively priced, they provide benefit.

HOW MUCH DOES A car seat COVER cost.

There are several parameters that directly or indirectly affect on the cost of car seat covers.

Material of which the factory covers are sewn may significantly differ in structure, thereby affecting the final price.

  • If it is a real fur or genuine leather, then we can be sure that such covers, by definition, belong to the premium segment and have the corresponding prices.
  • Eco-leather and faux fur are cheaper, have advantages and disadvantages peculiar to artificial materials, but compared to other fabrics look much more spectacular. The list of drawbacks of eco-leather is much shorter than other artificial materials’ defects, and the list of advantages is much larger. In conjunction with the affordable price, this makes it one of the most popular materials.
  • Jacquard covers are produced by way of weaving synthetic and natural yarns, differ with theirs durability and relief pattern reminiscent of tapestry. Jacquard belongs to expensive fabrics, therefore the covers made of it can hardly be ranked as low-budget. But they are strong, durable, very convenient in use.
  • Auto velour is valued for a good design quality, durability, elasticity and seasonality. Despite the fact that the real auto velour is made only by a few manufacturers in the world and its production is quite labor-intensive process, velour covers are considered as an affordable accessory.
  • Alcantara is used in many luxury European cars. The covers made from this material are ideally suited for equipping luxury cars with unique style and elegance.
  • Artificial suede is the perfect supplement to any luxury car. Its silky smooth texture resembles real suede and it is designed to create luxurious car interiors.

Sure enough, buying a car seat cover in an online store is much more profitable than in a stationary auto showroom or in the market. Firstly, the range of products is always wider on online websites and secondly, even taking into account the delivery, online stores can offer lower prices than their offline counterparts. And thirdly, it is desirable to buy from the manufacturer. For example, in Cantra :)